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    • Genotypic diversity within a natural coastal bacterioplankton population 

      Thompson, Janelle R.; Pacocha, Sarah E.; Pharino, Chanathip; Klepac-Ceraj, Vanja; Hunt, Dana E.; Benoit, Jennifer; Sarma-Rupavtarm, Ramahi; Distel, Daniel L.; Polz, Martin F. (2005-01-04)
      The genomic diversity and relative importance of unique genotypes within natural bacterial populations has remained largely unknown. Here, we analyze the diversity and annual dynamics of a group of coastal bacterioplankton ...
    • In vitro generation of human high-density-lipoprotein-resistant Trypanosoma brucei brucei 

      Faulkner, Sara D.; Oli, Monika W.; Kieft, Rudo; Cotlin, Laura F.; Widener, Justin; Shiflett, April M.; Cipriano, Michael J.; Pacocha, Sarah E.; Birkeland, Shanda R.; Hajduk, Stephen L.; McArthur, Andrew G. (American Society for Microbiology, 2006-08)
      The host range of African trypanosomes is influenced by innate protective molecules in the blood of primates. A subfraction of human high-density lipoprotein (HDL) containing apolipoprotein A-I, apolipoprotein L-I, and ...