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  • Ashjian, Carin J.; Braund, Stephen R.; Campbell, Robert G.; George, J. C.; Kruse, Jack; Maslowski, Wieslaw; Moore, Sue E.; Nicolson, Craig R.; Okkonen, Stephen R.; Sherr, Barry F.; Sherr, Evelyn B.; Spitz, Yvette H. (Arctic Institute of North America, 2010-06)
    The annual migration of bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) past Barrow, Alaska, has provided subsistence hunting to Iñupiat for centuries. Bowheads recurrently feed on aggregations of zooplankton prey near Barrow in autumn. ...
  • Stafford, Kathleen M.; Citta, John J.; Moore, Sue E.; Daher, Mary Ann; George, Joseph E. (Inter-Research, 2009-12-03)
    A 6 yr time series of blue whale Balaenoptera musculus and fin whale B. physalus call detections in the North Pacific Ocean was correlated with 3 oceanographic variables (sea-surface temperature, chlorophyll a concentration, ...
  • Newhall, Arthur E.; Lin, Ying-Tsong; Lynch, James F.; Baumgartner, Mark F.; Gawarkiewicz, Glen G. (Acoustical Society of America, 2012-02)
    During a 2 day period in mid-September 2006, more than 200, unconfirmed but identifiable, sei whale (Balaenoptera borealis) calls were collected as incidental data during a multidisciplinary oceanography and acoustics ...
  • Hu, Qiao; Davis, Cabell S.; Petrik, Colleen M. (Inter-Research, 2008-05-22)
    Complex 3D biological-physical models are becoming widely used in marine and freshwater ecology. These models are highly valued synthesizing tools because they provide insights into complex dynamics that are difficult to ...

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