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  • Arsenate resistance in the unicellular marine diazotroph Crocosphaera watsonii 

    Dyhrman, Sonya T.; Haley, Sheean T. (Frontiers Media, 2011-10-25)
    The toxic arsenate ion can behave as a phosphate analog, and this can result in arsenate toxicity especially in areas with elevated arsenate to phosphate ratios like the surface waters of the ocean gyres. In these systems, ...
  • Marine vertebrate zoonoses : an overview of the DAO Special Issue 

    Moore, Michael J.; Gast, Rebecca J.; Bogomolni, Andrea L. (Inter-Research, 2008-08-19)
    The role of marine birds, mammals, turtles and fish as vectors of infectious agents of potential risk to humans can be examined from a variety of perspectives. The studies in this DAO Special include a broad survey of ...