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    • Bathymetric zonation of deep-sea macrofauna in relation to export of surface phytoplankton production 

      Wei, Chih-Lin; Rowe, Gilbert T.; Hubbard, G. Fain; Scheltema, Amelie H.; Wilson, George D. F.; Petrescu, Iorgu; Foster, John M.; Wicksten, Mary K.; Chen, Min; Davenport, Roe; Soliman, Yousria; Wang, Yuning (Inter-Research, 2010-01-28)
      Macrobenthos of the deep, northern Gulf of Mexico (GoM) was sampled with box cores (0.2 m2) along multiple cross-depth transects extending from depths of 200 m to the maximum depth of the basin at 3700 m. Bathymetric (depth) ...