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    • Complexity and simplification in understanding recruitment in benthic populations 

      Pineda, Jesus; Reyns, Nathalie B.; Starczak, Victoria R. (2008-06-04)
      Research of complex systems and problems, entities with many dependencies, is often reductionist. The reductionist approach splits systems or problems into different components, and then addresses these components one by ...
    • Larval dispersion along an axially symmetric mid-ocean ridge 

      McGillicuddy, Dennis J.; Lavelle, J. William; Thurnherr, Andreas M.; Kosnyrev, V. K.; Mullineaux, Lauren S. (2009-12-22)
      We investigated planktonic larval transport processes along an axially symmetric mid-ocean ridge with characteristics similar to that of the East Pacific Rise (EPR) segment at 9-10°N. The hydrodynamic basis for this study ...