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    • Acquired phototrophy in aquatic protists 

      Stoecker, Diane K.; Johnson, Matthew D.; de Vargas, Colomban; Not, Fabrice (Inter-Research, 2009-11-24)
      Acquisition of phototrophy is widely distributed in the eukaryotic tree of life and can involve algal endosymbiosis or plastid retention from green or red origins. Species with acquired phototrophy are important components ...
    • The acquisition of phototrophy : adaptive strategies of hosting endosymbionts and organelles 

      Johnson, Matthew D. (2010-04)
      Many non-photosynthetic species of protists and metazoans are capable of hosting viable algal endosymbionts or their organelles through adaptations of phagocytic pathways. A form of mixotrophy, acquired phototrophy (AcPh) ...