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  • Disentangling trophic interactions inside a Caribbean marine reserve 

    Kellner, Julie B.; Litvin, Steven Y.; Hastings, Alan; Micheli, Fiorenza; Mumby, Peter J. (Ecological Society of America, 2010-10)
    Recent empirical studies have demonstrated that human activities such as fishing can strongly affect the natural capital and services provided by tropical seascapes. However, policies to mitigate anthropogenic impacts can ...
  • Spillover from marine reserves and the replenishment of fished stocks 

    Halpern, Benjamin S.; Lester, Sarah E.; Kellner, Julie B. (Cambridge University Press, 2010-02-24)
    No-take marine reserves are widely recognized as an effective conservation tool for protecting marine resources. Despite considerable empirical evidence that abundance and biomass of fished species increase within marine ...