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    • Changes in anthropogenic carbon storage in the Northeast Pacific in the last decade 

      Chu, Sophie N.; Wang, Zhaohui Aleck; Doney, Scott C.; Lawson, Gareth L.; Hoering, Katherine A. (John Wiley & Sons, 2016-07-02)
      In order to understand the ocean's role as a sink for anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2), it is important to quantify changes in the amount of anthropogenic CO2 stored in the ocean interior over time. From August to September ...
    • Growth rate and age effects on Mya arenaria shell chemistry: Implications for biogeochemical studies 

      Strasser, Carly A.; Mullineaux, Lauren S.; Walther, Benjamin D. (Elsevier B.V., 2008-01-30)
      The chemical composition of bivalve shells can reflect that of their environment, making them useful indicators of climate, pollution, and ecosystem changes. However, biological factors can also influence chemical properties ...
    • Seasonal controls of aragonite saturation states in the Gulf of Maine 

      Wang, Zhaohui Aleck; Lawson, Gareth L.; Pilskaln, Cynthia H.; Maas, Amy E. (John Wiley & Sons, 2017-01-22)
      The Gulf of Maine (GoME) is a shelf region especially vulnerable to ocean acidification (OA) due to natural conditions of low pH and aragonite saturation states (Ω-Ar). This study is the first to assess the major oceanic ...