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    • Larvae from afar colonize deep-sea hydrothermal vents after a catastrophic eruption 

      Mullineaux, Lauren S.; Adams, Diane K.; Mills, Susan W.; Beaulieu, Stace E. (2010-01-29)
      The planktonic larval stage is a critical component of life history in marine benthic species because it confers the ability to disperse, potentially connecting remote populations and leading to colonization of new sites. ...
    • Surface-generated mesoscale eddies transport deep-sea products from hydrothermal vents 

      Adams, Diane K.; McGillicuddy, Dennis J.; Zamudio, Luis; Thurnherr, Andreas M.; Liang, Xinfeng; Rouxel, Olivier J.; German, Christopher R.; Mullineaux, Lauren S. (2011-03)
      Atmospheric forcing, which is known to have a strong influence on surface ocean dynamics and production, is typically not considered in studies of the deep sea. Our observations and models demonstrate an unexpected ...