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    • Estimated communication range and energetic cost of bottlenose dolphin whistles in a tropical habitat 

      Jensen, Frants H.; Beedholm, Kristian; Wahlberg, Magnus; Bejder, Lars; Madsen, Peter T. (Acoustical Society of America, 2012-01)
      Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops sp.) depend on frequency-modulated whistles for many aspects of their social behavior, including group cohesion and recognition of familiar individuals. Vocalization amplitude and frequency ...
    • Sonar-induced pressure fields in a post-mortem common dolphin 

      Foote, Kenneth G.; Hastings, Mardi C.; Ketten, Darlene R.; Lin, Ying-Tsong; Reidenberg, Joy S.; Rye, Kent (Acoustical Society of America, 2012-02)
      Potential physical effects of sonar transmissions on marine mammals were investigated by measuring pressure fields induced in a 119-kg, 211-cm-long, young adult male common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) cadaver. The specimen ...