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    • Singing whales generate high levels of particle motion : implications for acoustic communication and hearing? 

      Mooney, T. Aran; Kaplan, Maxwell B.; Lammers, Marc O. (2016-10)
      Acoustic signals are fundamental to animal communication and cetaceans are often considered bioacoustic specialists. Nearly all studies of their acoustic communication focus on sound pressure measurements, overlooking ...
    • Vessel noise effects on delphinid communication 

      Jensen, Frants H.; Bejder, Lars; Wahlberg, Magnus; Aguilar De Soto, Natacha; Johnson, Mark P.; Madsen, Peter T. (Inter-Research, 2009-12-03)
      Increasing numbers and speeds of vessels in areas with populations of cetaceans may have the cumulative effect of reducing habitat quality by increasing the underwater noise level. Here, we first use digital acoustic tags ...