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  • Global viewport to deep-sea vents : dataset for spherical display systems 

    Beaulieu, Stace E.; Brickley, Annette; Spargo, Abbey; Joyce, Katherine; Silva, Tim; Patterson, Kathleen; Madin, Katherine; Emery, Meredith (2014-09-11)
    Spherical display systems, including digital globes, are new technologies increasingly used in both informal and formal education to display global datasets. By creating a narrative using multiple datasets, inter‐disciplinary ...
  • Shipboard ADCP profiles, central equatorial Pacific Ocean, 2003-2012 

    Karnauskas, Kristopher B.; Witting, Jan H. (2014-07-17)
    This data set contains 23 individual NetCDF files, each containing subsurface zonal and meridional velocity profiles (along with time/space coordinates) measured by shipboard ADCP.