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    • Cisplatin resistant spheroids model clinically relevant survival mechanisms in ovarian tumors 

      Chowanadisai, Winyoo; Messerli, Shanta M.; Miller, Daniel H.; Medina, Jamie E.; Hamilton, Joshua W.; Messerli, Mark A.; Brodsky, Alexander S. (Public Library of Science, 2016-03-17)
      The majority of ovarian tumors eventually recur in a drug resistant form. Using cisplatin sensitive and resistant cell lines assembled into 3D spheroids we profiled gene expression and identified candidate mechanisms and ...
    • Extracellular electrical fields direct wound healing and regeneration 

      Messerli, Mark A.; Graham, David M. (Marine Biological Laboratory, 2011-08)
      Endogenous DC electric fields (EFs) are important, fundamental components of development, regeneration, and wound healing. The fields are the result of polarized ion transport and current flow through electrically conductive ...
    • Spatial manipulation of cells and organelles using single electrode dielectrophoresis 

      Graham, David M.; Messerli, Mark A.; Pethig, Ronald (Informa Healthcare USA, 2012-01)
      The selection, isolation, and accurate positioning of single cells in three dimensions are increasingly desirable in many areas of cell biology and tissue engineering. We describe the application of a simple and low cost ...