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    • Biological nomenclature terms for facilitating communication in the naming of organisms 

      David, John; Garrity, George M.; Greuter, Werner; Hawksworth, David L.; Jahn, Regine; Kirk, Paul M.; McNeill, John; Michel, Ellinor; Knapp, Sandra; Patterson, David J.; Tindall, Brian J.; Todd, Jonathan A.; Tol, Jan van; Turland, Nicholas J. (Pensoft, 2012-05-08)
      A set of terms recommended for use in facilitating communication in biological nomenclature is presented as a table showing broadly equivalent terms used in the traditional Codes of nomenclature. These terms are intended ...
    • Names are key to the big new biology 

      Patterson, David J.; Cooper, J.; Kirk, Paul M.; Pyle, R. L.; Remsen, David P. (2010-09-20)
      Those who seek answers to big, broad questions about biology, especially questions emphasizing the organism (taxonomy, evolution, ecology), will soon benefit from an emerging names-based infrastructure. It will draw on ...