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    • Grand challenges in biodiversity informatics 

      Sarkar, Indra Neil (2007-01)
      The exponentially growing array of biological data has necessitated the development of a new information management domain, biodiversity informatics. It is one of the newest members of the ‘informatics’ sub-disciplines, ...
    • SCOR/IODE/MBLWHOI Library collaboration on data publication [poster]  

      Raymond, Lisa; Pikula, Linda; Lowry, Roy; Urban, Ed; Moncoiffe, Gwenaelle; Pissierssens, Peter; Norton, Cathy N. (2011-05-25)
      This poster describes the development of international standards to publish oceanographic datasets. Research areas include the assignment of persistent identifiers, tracking provenance, linking datasets to publications, ...
    • uBioRSS : tracking taxonomic literature using RSS 

      Leary, Patrick R.; Remsen, David P.; Norton, Cathy N.; Patterson, David J.; Sarkar, Indra Neil (Oxford University Press, 2007-03-28)
      Web content syndication through standard formats such as RSS and ATOM has become an increasingly popular mechanism for publishers, news sources, and blogs to disseminate regularly updated content. These standardized ...