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    • Biodiversity informatics : organizing and linking information across the spectrum of life 

      Sarkar, Indra Neil (2007-04-08)
      Biological knowledge can be inferred from three major levels of information: molecules, organisms, and ecologies. Bioinformatics is an established field that has made significant advances in the development of systems and ...
    • Taxonomic indexing—extending the role of taxonomy 

      Patterson, David J.; Remsen, David P.; Marino, William A.; Norton, Cathy N. (Taylor & Francis, 2006-06)
      Taxonomic indexing refers to a new array of taxonomically intelligent network services that use nomenclatural principles and elements of expert taxonomic knowledge to manage information about organisms. Taxonomic indexing ...
    • The taxonomic name resolution service : an online tool for automated standardization of plant names 

      Boyle, Brad; Hopkins, Nicole; Lu, Zhenyuan; Garay, Juan Antonio Raygoza; Mozzherin, Dmitry; Rees, Tony; Matasci, Naim; Narro, Martha L.; Piel, William H.; Mckay, Sheldon J.; Lowry, Sonya; Freeland, Chris; Peet, Robert K.; Enquist, Brian J. (BioMed Central, 2013-01-16)
      The digitization of biodiversity data is leading to the widespread application of taxon names that are superfluous, ambiguous or incorrect, resulting in mismatched records and inflated species numbers. The ultimate ...