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    • Approaches to monitoring, control and management of harmful algal blooms (HABs) 

      Anderson, Donald M. (2009-04)
      Virtually every coastal country in the world is affected by harmful algal blooms (HABs, commonly called “red tides”). These phenomena are caused by blooms of microscopic algae. Some of these algae are toxic, and can lead ...
    • The New England fishing industry : a basis for management 

      Srnith, Leah J.; Peterson, Susan B. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1977-08)
      Fish and fishermen appear to be in a serious decline in New England. The haddock are overfished, inshore herring stocks are depleted, yellowtail flounder and lobster are scarce. The popular image is of grizzled fishermen, ...
    • Replanting reduces frog diversity in oil palm 

      Kurz, David J.; Turner, Edgar C.; Aryawan, Agung A.; Barkley, Hannah C.; Caliman, Jean-Pierre; Konopik, Oliver; Ps, Sudharto; Foster, William A. (2015-06)
      A growing body of literature has demonstrated significant biodiversity losses for many taxa when forest is converted to oil palm. However, no studies have directly investigated changes to biodiversity throughout the oil ...