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    • Geochemical cycling of silver in marine sediments along an offshore transect 

      Morford, Jennifer L.; Kalnejais, Linda H.; Helman, Peter; Yen, Gloria; Reinard, Melissa (2008-02-08)
      Although there have been many surface water and water column silver (Ag) analyses in the ocean, the absence of high resolution pore water and solid phase Ag profiles has hampered our understanding of its oceanic geochemical ...
    • Insights on geochemical cycling of U, Re and Mo from seasonal sampling in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts, USA 

      Morford, Jennifer L.; Martin, William R.; Kalnejais, Linda H.; Francois, Roger; Bothner, Michael H.; Karle, Ida-Maja (2006-10-23)
      This study examined the removal of U, Mo, and Re from seawater by sedimentary processes at a shallow-water site with near-saturation bottom water O2 levels (240-380 μmol O2/L), very high organic matter oxidation rates ...
    • Mechanisms of metal release from contaminated coastal sediments 

      Kalnejais, Linda H. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2005-09)
      The fate of trace metals in contaminated coastal sediments is poorly understood, yet critical for effective coastal management. The aim of this thesis is to investigate and quantify the mechanisms leading to the release ...