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    • Biological structure and seasonality in the Japan/East Sea 

      Ashjian, Carin J.; Arnone, Robert; Davis, Cabell S.; Jones, Burton; Kahru, Mati; Lee, Craig M.; Mitchell, B. Gregory (Oceanography Society, 2006-09)
      The Japan/East Sea (JES) contains several oceanic regions separated by dynamic boundaries. These distinct regions, and the physical features that establish and maintain the boundaries between the regions, have significant ...
    • An inverse relationship between production and export efficiency in the Southern Ocean 

      Maiti, Kanchan; Charette, Matthew A.; Buesseler, Ken O.; Kahru, Mati (John Wiley & Sons, 2013-04-23)
      In the past two decades, a number of studies have been carried out in the Southern Ocean to look at export production using drifting sediment traps and thorium-234 based measurements, which allows us to reexamine the ...
    • New approaches and technologies for observing harmful algal blooms 

      Babin, Marcel; Cullen, John C.; Roesler, Collin S.; Donaghay, Percy L.; Doucette, Gregory J.; Kahru, Mati; Lewis, Marlon R.; Scholin, Christopher A.; Sieracki, Michael E.; Sosik, Heidi M. (Oceanography Society, 2005-06)
      Harmful algal blooms (HABs) represent a diverse range of phenomena that universally share only two characteristics: they produce effects on ecosystems or food resources that humans perceive as harmful, and their ...