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    • Distributed deformation ahead of the Cocos-Nazca Rift at the Galapagos triple junction 

      Smith, Deborah K.; Schouten, Hans A.; Zhu, Wenlu; Montesi, Laurent G. J.; Cann, Johnson R. (American Geophysical Union, 2011-11-08)
      The Galapagos triple junction is not a simple ridge-ridge-ridge (RRR) triple junction. The Cocos-Nazca Rift (C-N Rift) tip does not meet the East Pacific Rise (EPR). Instead, two secondary rifts form the link: Incipient ...
    • The recent history of the Galapagos Triple Junction preserved on the Pacific plate 

      Smith, Deborah K.; Schouten, Hans A.; Montesi, Laurent G. J.; Zhu, Wenlu (2013-04)
      At the Galapagos triple junction, the Cocos and Nazca plates are broken by a succession of transient rifts north and south of the Cocos-Nazca (C-N) Rift. Modeling has suggested that each rift initiated at the East Pacific ...