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  • Predominant floodplain over mountain weathering of Himalayan sediments (Ganga basin) 

    Lupker, Maarten; France-Lanord, Christian; Galy, Valier; Lave, Jerome; Gaillardet, Jerome; Gajurel, Ananta Prasad; Guilmette, Caroline; Rahman, Mustafizur; Singh, Sunil Kumar; Sinha, Rajiv (2011-12-01)
    We present an extensive river sediment dataset covering the Ganga basin from the Himalayan front downstream to the Ganga mainstream in Bangladesh. These sediments were mainly collected over several monsoon seasons and ...
  • A Rouse-based method to integrate the chemical composition of river sediments : application to the Ganga basin 

    Lupker, Maarten; France-Lanord, Christian; Lave, Jerome; Bouchez, Julien; Galy, Valier; Metivier, Francois; Gaillardet, Jerome; Lartiges, Bruno; Mugnier, Jean-Louis (American Geophysical Union, 2011-11-01)
    The Ganga River is one of the main conveyors of sediments produced by Himalayan erosion. Determining the flux of elements transported through the system is essential to understand the dynamics of the basin. This is hampered ...