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  • Robinson, Laura F.; Adkins, Jess F.; Scheirer, Daniel S.; Fernandez, Diego P.; Gagnon, Alexander C.; Waller, Rhian G. (University of Miami - Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, 2007-11-01)
    Deep-sea corals have grown for over 200,000 yrs on the New England Seamounts in the northwest Atlantic, and this paper describes their distribution both with respect to depth and time. Many thousands of fossil scleractinian ...
  • Case, David H.; Robinson, Laura F.; Auro, Maureen E.; Gagnon, Alexander C. (2010-09-06)
    Deep-sea scleractinian corals precipitate aragonite skeletons that provide valuable archives of past ocean conditions. During calcification biological mediation causes variability in trace metal incorporation and isotopic ...
  • Hathorne, Ed C.; Gagnon, Alexander C.; Felis, Thomas; Adkins, Jess F.; Asami, Ryuji; Boer, Wim; Caillon, Nicolas; Case, David H.; Cobb, Kim M.; Douville, Eric; deMenocal, Peter B.; Eisenhauer, Anton; Garbe-Schonberg, Dieter; Geibert, Walter; Goldstein, Steven L.; Hughen, Konrad A.; Inoue, Mayuri; Kawahata, Hodaka; Kolling, Martin; Cornec, Florence L.; Linsley, Braddock K.; McGregor, Helen V.; Montagna, Paolo; Nurhati, Intan S.; Quinn, Terrence M.; Raddatz, Jacek; Rebaubier, Helene; Robinson, Laura F.; Sadekov, Aleksey; Sherrell, Robert M.; Sinclair, Dan; Tudhope, Alexander W.; Wei, Gangjian; Wong, Henri; Wu, Henry C.; You, Chen-Feng (John Wiley & Sons, 2013-09-23)
    The Sr/Ca ratio of coral aragonite is used to reconstruct past sea surface temperature (SST). Twenty-one laboratories took part in an interlaboratory study of coral Sr/Ca measurements. Results show interlaboratory bias can ...
  • Robinson, Laura F.; Adkins, Jess F.; Fernandez, Diego P.; Burnett, Donald S.; Wang, S.-L.; Gagnon, Alexander C.; Krakauer, Nir (American Geophysical Union, 2006-05-24)
    In this study we use microsampling techniques to explore diagenetic processes in carbonates. These processes are important as they can affect the accuracy of U series chronometry. Fission track maps of deep-sea scleractinian ...
  • Thresher, Ronald E.; Althaus, Franziska; Adkins, Jess F.; Gowlett-Holmes, Karen; Alderslade, Phil; Dowdney, Jo; Cho, Walter W.; Gagnon, Alexander C.; Staples, David; McEnnulty, Felicity; Williams, Alan (Public Library of Science, 2014-01-22)
    Assemblages of megabenthos are structured in seven depth-related zones between ~700 and 4000 m on the rocky and topographically complex continental margin south of Tasmania, southeastern Australia. These patterns emerge ...

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