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    • Constraining ventilation during deepwater formation using deep ocean measurements of the dissolved gas ratios 40Ar/36Ar, N2/Ar, and Kr/Ar 

      Nicholson, David P.; Emerson, Steven; Caillon, Nicolas; Jouzel, Jean; Hamme, Roberta C. (American Geophysical Union, 2010-11-19)
      The concentration of inert gases and their isotopes in the deep ocean are useful as tracers of air-sea gas exchange during deepwater formation. ΔKr/Ar, ΔN2/Ar, and δ40Ar were measured in deep profiles of samples collected ...
    • Interlaboratory study for coral Sr/Ca and other element/Ca ratio measurements 

      Hathorne, Ed C.; Gagnon, Alexander C.; Felis, Thomas; Adkins, Jess F.; Asami, Ryuji; Boer, Wim; Caillon, Nicolas; Case, David H.; Cobb, Kim M.; Douville, Eric; deMenocal, Peter B.; Eisenhauer, Anton; Garbe-Schonberg, Dieter; Geibert, Walter; Goldstein, Steven L.; Hughen, Konrad A.; Inoue, Mayuri; Kawahata, Hodaka; Kolling, Martin; Cornec, Florence L.; Linsley, Braddock K.; McGregor, Helen V.; Montagna, Paolo; Nurhati, Intan S.; Quinn, Terrence M.; Raddatz, Jacek; Rebaubier, Helene; Robinson, Laura F.; Sadekov, Aleksey; Sherrell, Robert M.; Sinclair, Dan; Tudhope, Alexander W.; Wei, Gangjian; Wong, Henri; Wu, Henry C.; You, Chen-Feng (John Wiley & Sons, 2013-09-23)
      The Sr/Ca ratio of coral aragonite is used to reconstruct past sea surface temperature (SST). Twenty-one laboratories took part in an interlaboratory study of coral Sr/Ca measurements. Results show interlaboratory bias can ...