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    • Fukushima 137Cs at the base of planktonic food webs off Japan 

      Baumann, Zofia; Fisher, Nicholas S.; Gobler, Christopher J.; Buesseler, Ken O.; George, J. A.; Breier, Crystaline F.; Nishikawa, Jun (2015-09-18)
      The potential bioaccumulation of 137Cs in marine food webs off Japan became a concern following the release of radioactive contaminants from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant into the coastal ocean. Previous ...
    • Fukushima and ocean radioactivity 

      Buesseler, Ken O. (The Oceanography Society, 2014-03)
      The triple disaster of the March 11, 2011, earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent radiation releases from Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant were unprecedented events for the ocean and society. In this article, ...
    • Fukushima Daiichi–derived radionuclides in the ocean : transport, fate, and impacts 

      Buesseler, Ken O.; Dai, Minhan; Aoyama, Michio; Benitez-Nelson, Claudia R.; Charmasson, Sabine; Higley, Kathryn; Maderich, Vladimir; Masque, Pere; Morris, Paul J.; Oughton, Deborah; Smith, John N. (Annual Reviews, 2016-06-30)
      The events that followed the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, included the loss of power and overheating at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants, which led to extensive releases of radioactive gases, ...
    • Fukushima-derived radionuclides in the ocean and biota off Japan 

      Buesseler, Ken O.; Jayne, Steven R.; Fisher, Nicholas S.; Rypina, Irina I.; Baumann, Hannes; Baumann, Zofia; Breier, Crystaline F.; Douglass, Elizabeth M.; George, Jennifer; Macdonald, Alison M.; Miyamoto, Hiroomi; Nishikawa, Jun; Pike, Steven M.; Yoshida, Sachiko (National Academy of Sciences, 2012-04-02)
    • Full circumpolar migration ensures evolutionary unity in the Emperor penguin 

      Cristofari, Robin; Bertorelle, Giorgio; ANCEL, André; Benazzo, Andrea; Le Maho, Yvon; Ponganis, Paul J.; Stenseth, Nils Christian; Trathan, Phil N.; Whittington, Jason D.; Zanetti, Enrico; Zitterbart, Daniel; Le Bohec, Céline; Trucchi, Emiliano (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-06-14)
      Defining reliable demographic models is essential to understand the threats of ongoing environmental change. Yet, in the most remote and threatened areas, models are often based on the survey of a single population, assuming ...
    • Functional anatomy of the Macrouridae (Teleostei, Gadiformes) 

      McLellan, Tracy (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1976-05)
      Osteology and myology of the head of 21 species of macrourids and two closely related species are described. A general model of the mechanics of the macrourid head during feeding has been developed based on the ...
    • Functional characterization and expression of molluscan detoxification enzymes and transporters involved in dietary allelochemical resistance 

      Whalen, Kristen E. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2008-06)
      Understanding how organisms deal with potentially toxic or fitness-reducing allelochemicals is important for understanding patterns of predation and herbivory in the marine environment. The ability of marine consumers ...
    • Functional connectivity of coral reef fishes in a tropical seascape assessed by compound-specific stable isotope analyses 

      McMahon, Kelton W. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2011-02)
      The ecological integrity of tropical habitats, including mangroves, seagrass beds and coral reefs, is coming under increasing pressure from human activities. Many coral reef fish species are thought to use mangroves and ...
    • Functional genomics of a non-toxic Alexandrium lusitanicum culture 

      Martins, Claudia A. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2007-02)
      Paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) is a human intoxication associated with the consumption of shellfish contaminated with a family of neurotoxins called saxitoxins. Many species in the dinoflagellate genus Alexandrium ...
    • Functions of height and width dimensions in the intertidal mussel, Mytilus californianus 

      Blythe, Jonathan N.; Lea, David W. (National Shellfisheries Association, 2008-04)
      A mussel's shell records its history of growth. We investigated variability in the size and shape of mussel shells of Mytilus californianus Conrad (1837) to test the hypothesis that the mussel shell provides information ...
    • Fundulus as the premier teleost model in environmental biology : opportunities for new insights using genomics 

      Burnett, Karen G.; Bain, Lisa J.; Baldwin, William S.; Callard, Gloria V.; Cohen, Sarah; Di Giulio, Richard T.; Evans, David H.; Gomez-Chiarri, Marta; Hahn, Mark E.; Hoover, Cindi A.; Karchner, Sibel I.; Katoh, Fumi; MacLatchy, Deborah L.; Marshall, William S.; Meyer, Joel N.; Nacci, Diane E.; Oleksiak, Marjorie F.; Rees, Bernard B.; Singer, Thomas D.; Stegeman, John J.; Towle, David W.; Van Veld, Peter A.; Vogelbein, Wolfgang K.; Whitehead, Andrew; Winn, Richard N.; Crawford, Douglas L. (2007-09-01)
      A strong foundation of basic and applied research documents that the estuarine fish Fundulus heteroclitus and related species are unique laboratory and field models for understanding how individuals and populations interact ...
    • Fungal and prokaryotic activities in the marine subsurface biosphere at Peru Margin and Canterbury Basin inferred from RNA-based analyses and microscopy 

      Pachiadaki, Maria G.; Redou, Vanessa; Beaudoin, David J.; Burgaud, Gaëtan; Edgcomb, Virginia P. (Fromtiers Media, 2016-06-09)
      The deep sedimentary biosphere, extending 100s of meters below the seafloor harbors unexpected diversity of Bacteria, Archaea, and microbial eukaryotes. Far less is known about microbial eukaryotes in subsurface habitats, ...
    • Further analysis of target strength measurements of Antarctic krill at 38 and 120 kHz : comparison with deformed cylinder model and inference of orientation distribution 

      Chu, Dezhang; Foote, Kenneth G.; Stanton, Timothy K. (Acoustical Society of America, 1993-05)
      Data collected during the krill target strength experiment [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 87, 16–24 (1990)] are examined in the light of a recent zooplankton scattering model where the elongated animals are modeled as deformed finite ...
    • The future of Massachusetts beaches : relocate, nourish, or lose them 

      Brodeur, Jeffrey; DeRosa, Sheri D. (Woods Hole Sea Grant program, 2009)
      Proceedings of a Workshop on Beach Nourishment held at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Friday, May 4, 2007
    • Future of the NOSAMS Tandetron AMS system 

      von Reden, Karl F. (2009-04-13)
      The NOSAMS 3 MV Tandetron AMS system will soon reach its 20th anniversary of operation. A critical review of all aspects of the system is necessary to assess the analytical, economic, and operational factors that enter ...
    • FVCOM validation experiments : comparisons with ROMS for three idealized barotropic test problems 

      Huang, Haosheng; Chen, Changsheng; Cowles, Geoffrey W.; Winant, Clinton D.; Beardsley, Robert C.; Hedstrom, Kate S.; Haidvogel, Dale B. (American Geophysical Union, 2008-07-26)
      The unstructured-grid Finite-Volume Coastal Ocean Model (FVCOM) is evaluated using three idealized benchmark test problems: the Rossby equatorial soliton, the hydraulic jump, and the three-dimensional barotropic wind-driven ...
    • Gabriel T. Csanady : understanding the physics of the ocean 

      Pelegri, Josep L.; Churchill, James H.; Kirwan, A. D.; Lee, S.-K.; Munn, R. E.; Pettigrew, Neal R. (2006-03-26)
      Gabriel T. Csanady turned 80 in December 2005 and we celebrate it with this special Progress in Oceanography issue. It comprises 20 papers covering some of the many areas that Gabe contributed significantly throughout his ...
    • Gas hydrate measurements at Hydrate Ridge using Raman spectroscopy 

      Hester, K. C.; Dunk, R. M.; White, Sheri N.; Brewer, Peter G.; Peltzer, Edward T.; Sloan, E. D. (2006-11-14)
      Oceanic gas hydrates have been measured near the seafloor for the first time using a seagoing Raman spectrometer at Hydrate Ridge, Oregon, where extensive layers of hydrates have been found to occur near the seafloor. All ...
    • A gas-accepting ion source for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry : progress and applications 

      Roberts, Mark L.; von Reden, Karl F.; Burton, Joshua R.; McIntyre, Cameron P.; Beaupre, Steven R. (2011-10-31)
      The National Ocean Sciences Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (NOSAMS) facility at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has developed an Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) system designed specifically for the analysis of ...
    • GDGT and alkenone flux in the northern Gulf of Mexico : implications for the TEX86 and UK'37 paleothermometers 

      Richey, Julie N.; Tierney, Jessica E. (John Wiley & Sons, 2016-12-19)
      The TEX86 and UKˈ37 molecular biomarker proxies have been broadly applied in downcore marine sediments to reconstruct past sea surface temperature (SST). Although both TEX86 and UKˈ37 have been interpreted as proxies for ...