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dc.contributor.authorJohnson, Mark P.en_US  Concept link
dc.contributor.otherWoods Hole Oceanographic Institutionen_US
dc.coverage.spatialTag on Latitude: 28° 45.83', Tag on Longitude: -88° 39.67', Water Depth: 1031 men_US
dc.coverage.spatialGulf of Mexicoen_US
dc.coverage.temporalTag on time: 11:28:52 Localen_US
dc.coverage.temporalTag off time: 15:24:53 Localen_US
dc.identifierExcerpted from: sw02_237aen_US
dc.descriptionAudio Sampling rate: 32kHz, Channels: 1, Resolution: 12bit, Compression: uncompressed, Recording device: DTAG serial number 10, Analog-to-digital converter: SAR, Filter: anti-aliasen_US
dc.description.abstractOverlapping coda exchange, focal codas and clicks during the discent phase of the first deep dive. Permit: Research was conducted under permit #981-1578 issued by NMFS under the authority of the MMPA and the EPA, Sponsor: Mineral Management Service, Location: Gulf of Mexico, Species: Physeter macrocephalus (Sperm Whale, Cachalot), Depth at start: 89.74 m, Depth at end: 133.79 m, Start time in sec since tag on: 4398, End time in sec since tag on 4436en_US
dc.publisherThe DTAG Project, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Contact: dtag@whoi.eduen_US
dc.rightsAttribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported*
dc.subjectAudio recording - Sperm Whale, Cachaloten_US
dc.titlePhyseter macrocephalus Gulf of Mexico 8/25/2002 Animal a Audio Recordingsen_US
dc.typeRecording, acousticalen_US

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Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
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