On the world ocean circulation. Volume II, the Pacific and Indian Oceans/a global update

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Schmitz, William J.
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Global ocean circulation
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This is the second and final volume of a report that describes some of my investigations over the last 35 years or so into low-frequency ocean current structures, a topic which I will call the World Ocean Circulation (WOC). The material presented constitutes my final report to the Office of Naval Research, and their support over the years is deeply appreciated. I was also fortunate to have been partially supported by the National Science Foundation during my career and, for some of the preparation of this report, by the Clark Foundation. Volume I was focused on the North Atlantic Ocean, after a global scale summary. This volume (II) will consider first the Pacific and Indian Oceans, concentrating on interbasin circulations, meridional cells, and mesoscale eddy fields. Then, there is an exceptionaly brief discussion of the Southern Ocean(s) for background only, followed by a global summary. Lately, I have worked intensely on intergyre and interbasin exchanges, including an inter-comparison of some of the properties of the eddy field in the World's Oceans (Schmitz, W.J., Jr., Reo. Geophys.,33,151-173,1995; J. Geophys. Res., 101,16,259-16,271,1996). Volume II contains not only an update of the global picture, but also new representations of the transport structure of various components of the meridional overturning cells for each ocean. In summary, several similarties as well as dissimilarities between different oceans relative to both their general circulation and their mesoscale eddy field are shown to be associated with interbasin exchanges. This report is meant to be an informal, occasionaly anecdotal, state-of-the-art summary account of the World Ocean Circulation. Seemingly simple questions about how ocean currents behave, such as where various brands of sea water are coming from and going to, have been exciting research topics for many years. This report is not remotely about "all" of the WOC, it is simply a set of comments about what I have looked into during the preparation of this document. I do believe that the results in this report, although presented in a personal way, are consistent with community wisdom. The document is intended to be readable by non-specialists who have a basic scientifc/technical background, especially in other oceanographic areas or meteorology or the geophysical disciplines, not only by specialists in physical oceanography.
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Schmitz, W. J. (1996). On the world ocean circulation. Volume II, the Pacific and Indian Oceans/a global update. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. https://doi.org/10.1575/1912/356
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