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    • Diverse styles of submarine venting on the ultraslow spreading Mid-Cayman Rise 

      German, Christopher R.; Bowen, Andrew D.; Coleman, M. L.; Honig, D. L.; Huber, Julie A.; Jakuba, Michael V.; Kinsey, James C.; Kurz, Mark D.; Leroy, S.; McDermott, Jill M.; Mercier de Lepinay, B.; Nakamura, Ko-ichi; Seewald, Jeffrey S.; Smith, J. L.; Sylva, Sean P.; Van Dover, Cindy L.; Whitcomb, Louis L.; Yoerger, Dana R. (2010-06-24)
      Thirty years after the first discovery of high-temperature submarine venting, the vast majority of the global Mid Ocean Ridge remains unexplored for hydrothermal activity. Of particular interest are the world’s ultra-slow ...
    • Microbial diversity of hydrothermal sediments in the Guaymas Basin : evidence for anaerobic methanotrophic communities 

      Teske, Andreas; Hinrichs, Kai-Uwe; Edgcomb, Virginia P.; de Vera Gomez, Alvin; Kysela, David; Sylva, Sean P.; Sogin, Mitchell L.; Jannasch, Holger W. (American Society for Microbiology, 2002-04)
      Microbial communities in hydrothermally active sediments of the Guaymas Basin (Gulf of California, Mexico) were studied by using 16S rRNA sequencing and carbon isotopic analysis of archaeal and bacterial lipids. The Guaymas ...