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    • The dynamic relationships between the three events that release individual Na+ ions from the Na+/K+-ATPase 

      Gadsby, David C.; Bezanilla, Francisco; Rakowski, Robert F.; De Weer, Paul; Holmgren, Miguel (Nature Publishing Group, 2012-02-14)
      Na+/K+ pumps move net charge through the cell membrane by mediating unequal exchange of intracellular Na+ and extracellular K+. Most charge moves during transitions that release Na+ to the cell exterior. When pumps are ...
    • Sodium flux ratio in Na/K pump-channels opened by palytoxin 

      Rakowski, Robert F.; Artigas, Pablo; Palma, Francisco; Holmgren, Miguel; De Weer, Paul; Gadsby, David C. (Rockefeller University Press, 2007-06-11)
      Palytoxin binds to Na+/K+ pumps in the plasma membrane of animal cells and opens an electrodiffusive cation pathway through the pumps. We investigated properties of the palytoxin-opened channels by recording macroscopic ...