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    • Marsh-atmosphere CO2 exchange in a New England salt marsh 

      Forbrich, Inke; Giblin, Anne E. (John Wiley & Sons, 2015-09-29)
      We studied marsh-atmosphere exchange of carbon dioxide in a high marsh dominated salt marsh during the months of May to October in 2012–2014. Tidal inundation at the site occurred only during biweekly spring tides, during ...
    • Vegetation shifts observed in arctic tundra 1.5 decades after fire 

      Barrett, Kirsten; Rocha, Adrian V.; van de Weg, Martine J.; Shaver, Gaius R. (2012-01-27)
      With anticipated climate change, tundra fires are expected to occur more frequently in the future, but data on the longer term effects of fire on tundra vegetation composition are scarce. This study therefore addresses ...