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    • Climate impacts of a large-scale biofuels expansion 

      Hallgren, Willow; Schlosser, C. Adam; Monier, Erwan; Kicklighter, David W.; Sokolov, Andrei P.; Melillo, Jerry M. (John Wiley & Sons, 2013-04-28)
      A global biofuels program will potentially lead to intense pressures on land supply and cause widespread transformations in land use. These transformations can alter the Earth climate system by increasing greenhouse gas ...
    • Effects of watershed land use on nitrogen concentrations and δ15 Nitrogen in groundwater 

      Cole, Marci L.; Kroeger, Kevin D.; McClelland, James W.; Valiela, Ivan (2005-07-18)
      Eutrophication is a major agent of change affecting freshwater, estuarine, and marine systems. It is largely driven by transportation of nitrogen from natural and anthropogenic sources. Research is needed to quantify ...
    • N budgets and aquatic uptake in the Ipswich River basin, northeastern Massachusetts 

      Williams, Michael; Hopkinson, Charles S.; Rastetter, Edward B.; Vallino, Joseph J. (American Geophysical Union, 2004-11-05)
      We calculated N budgets and conducted nutrient uptake experiments to evaluate the fate of N in the aquatic environment of the Ipswich River basin, northeastern Massachusetts. A mass balance indicates that the basin retains ...