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  • Pathogenic huntingtin inhibits fast axonal transport by activating JNK3 and phosphorylating kinesin 

    Morfini, Gerardo A.; You, Yi-Mei; Pollema, Sarah L.; Kaminska, Agnieszka; Liu, Katherine; Yoshioka, Katsuji; Bjorkblom, Benny; Coffey, Eleanor T.; Bagnato, Carolina; Han, David; Huang, Chun-Fang; Banker, Gary; Pigino, Gustavo F.; Brady, Scott T. (2009-04-28)
    Selected vulnerability of neurons in Huntington’s disease (HD) suggests alterations in a cellular process particularly critical for neuronal function. Supporting this idea, pathogenic Htt (polyQ-Htt) inhibits fast axonal ...
  • Rotifers as experimental tools for investigating aging 

    Snell, Terry W.; Johnston, Rachel K.; Gribble, Kristin E.; Mark Welch, David B. (Taylor & Francis, 2014-06-12)
    Comparative biogerontology has much to contribute to the study of aging. A broad range of aging rates have evolved to meet environmental challenges, and understanding these adaptations can produce valuable insights into ...