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    • Sediment and nutrient delivery from thermokarst features in the foothills of the North Slope, Alaska : potential impacts on headwater stream ecosystems 

      Bowden, William B.; Gooseff, Michael N.; Balser, A.; Green, A.; Peterson, Bruce J.; Bradford, J. (American Geophysical Union, 2008-06-03)
      Permafrost is a defining characteristic of the Arctic environment. However, climate warming is thawing permafrost in many areas leading to failures in soil structure called thermokarst. An extensive survey of a 600 km2 ...
    • Simulating social-ecological systems : the Island Digital Ecosystem Avatars (IDEA) consortium 

      Davies, Neil; Field, Dawn; Gavaghan, David; Holbrook, Sally J.; Planes, Serge; Troyer, Matthias; Bonsall, Michael; Claudet, Joachim; Roderick, George; Schmitt, Russell J.; Amaral-Zettler, Linda A.; Berteaux, Veronique; Bossin, Hervé C.; Cabasse, Charlotte; Collin, Antoine; Deck, John; Dell, Tony; Dunne, Jennifer A.; Gates, Ruth D.; Harfoot, Mike; Hench, James L.; Hopuare, Marania; Kirch, Patrick; Kotoulas, Georgios; Kosenkov, Alex; Kusenko, Alex; Leichter, James J.; Lenihan, Hunter; Magoulas, Antonios; Martinez, Neo; Meyer, Chris; Stoll, Benoit; Swalla, Billie; Tartakovsky, Daniel M.; Teavai Murphy, Hinano; Turyshev, Slava; Valdvinos, Fernanda; Williams, Rich; Wood, Spencer; IDEA Consortium (BioMed Central, 2016-03-17)
      Systems biology promises to revolutionize medicine, yet human wellbeing is also inherently linked to healthy societies and environments (sustainability). The IDEA Consortium is a systems ecology open science initiative to ...