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    • Mapping the biosphere : exploring species to understand the origin, organization and sustainability of biodiversity 

      Wheeler, Q. D.; Knapp, Sandra; Stevenson, D. W.; Stevenson, J.; Blum, Stan D.; Boom, B.. M.; Borisy, Gary G.; Buizer, J. L.; De Carvalho, M. R.; Cibrian, A.; Donoghue, M. J.; Doyle, V.; Gerson, E. M.; Graham, C. H.; Graves, P.; Graves, Sara J.; Guralnick, Robert P.; Hamilton, A. L.; Hanken, J.; Law, W.; Lipscomb, D. L.; Lovejoy, T. E.; Miller, Holly; Miller, J. S.; Naeem, Shahid; Novacek, M. J.; Page, L. M.; Platnick, N. I.; Porter-Morgan, H.; Raven, Peter H.; Solis, M. A.; Valdecasas, A. G.; Van Der Leeuw, S.; Vasco, A.; Vermeulen, N.; Vogel, J.; Walls, R. L.; Wilson, E. O.; Woolley, J. B. (Taylor & Francis, 2012-03-27)
      The time is ripe for a comprehensive mission to explore and document Earth's species. This calls for a campaign to educate and inspire the next generation of professional and citizen species explorers, investments in ...
    • Proceedings of the international workshop on Ribosomal RNA technology, April 7–9, 2008, Bremen, Germany 

      Amaral-Zettler, Linda A.; Peplies, Jorg; Ramette, Alban; Fuchs, Bernhard M.; Ludwig, Wolfgang; Glockner, Frank Oliver (2008-08-07)
      Thirty years have passed since Carl Woese proposed three primary domains of life based on the phylogenetic analysis of ribosomal RNA genes. Adopted by researchers worldwide, ribosomal RNA has become the “gold-standard” for ...
    • TraitBank : practical semantics for organism attribute data 

      Parr, Cynthia Sims; Schulz, Katja S.; Hammock, Jennifer; Wilson, Nathan; Leary, Patrick R.; Rice, Jeremy J.; Corrigan, Robert J. (IOS Press, 2016-10-11)
      Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) has developed TraitBank (, a new repository for organism attribute (trait) data. TraitBank aggregates, manages and serves attribute data for organisms across the tree of ...