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    • Core microbial functional activities in ocean environments revealed by global metagenomic profiling analyses 

      Ferreira, Ari J. S.; Siam, Rania; Setubal, Joao C.; Moustafa, Ahmed; Sayed, Ahmed; Chambergo, Felipe S.; Dawe, Adam S.; Ghazy, Mohamed A.; Sharaf, Hazem; Ouf, Amged; Alam, Intikhab; Abdel-Haleem, Alyaa M.; Lehvaslaiho, Heikki; Ramadan, Eman; Antunes, Andre; Stingl, Ulrich; Archer, John A. C.; Jankovic, Boris R.; Sogin, Mitchell L.; Bajic, Vladimir B.; El-Dorry, Hamza (Public Library of Science, 2014-06-12)
      Metagenomics-based functional profiling analysis is an effective means of gaining deeper insight into the composition of marine microbial populations and developing a better understanding of the interplay between the ...
    • Unique prokaryotic consortia in geochemically distinct sediments from Red Sea Atlantis II and Discovery Deep brine pools 

      Siam, Rania; Mustafa, Ghada A.; Sharaf, Hazem; Moustafa, Ahmed; Ramadan, Adham R.; Antunes, Andre; Bajic, Vladimir B.; Stingl, Uli; Marsis, Nardine G. R.; Coolen, Marco J. L.; Sogin, Mitchell L.; Ferreira, Ari J. S.; El Dorry, Hamza (Public Library of Science, 2012-08-20)
      The seafloor is a unique environment, which allows insights into how geochemical processes affect the diversity of biological life. Among its diverse ecosystems are deep-sea brine pools - water bodies characterized by a ...