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    • Characterisation of the subtelomeric regions of Giardia lamblia genome isolate WBC6 

      Prabhu, Anjali; Morrison, Hilary G.; Martinez, Charles R.; Adam, Rodney D. (2006-12-04)
      Giardia trophozoites are polyploid and have five chromosomes. The chromosome homologues demonstrate considerable size heterogeneity due to variation in the subtelomeric regions. We used clones from the genome project with ...
    • Optical map of the genotype A1 WB C6 Giardia lamblia genome isolate 

      Perry, D. Alexander; Morrison, Hilary G.; Adam, Rodney D. (2011-07)
      The Giardia lamblia genome consists of 12 Mb divided among 5 chromosomes ranging in size from approximately 1 to 4 Mb. The assembled contigs of the genotype A1 isolate, WB, were previously mapped along the 5 chromosomes ...