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    • Building research networks to support campus programs [poster] 

      Furfey, John F.; Devenish, Ann; Hurter, Colleen; Stafford, Nancy (2012-04-04)
      This poster focuses on the methods, tools and outcomes involved in creating two targeted research networks to support large, long-running research programs in the Woods Hole scientific community.
    • Characterization of EST derived SSRs from the bay scallop, Argopecten irradians 

      Roberts, Steven B.; Romano, Christina; Gerlach, Gabriele (2005-03-03)
      Interest in bay scallop conservation has resulted in organized stock enhancement efforts and increased attention to fisheries management issues. Genetic markers can facilitate the monitoring of enhancement efforts, ...
    • Correction to “Importance of carbon-nitrogen interactions and ozone on ecosystem hydrology during the 21st century” 

      Felzer, Benjamin S.; Cronin, Timothy W.; Melillo, Jerry M.; Kicklighter, David W.; Schlosser, C. Adam (American Geophysical Union, 2009-08-22)
    • Corrigendum 

      Sokolov, Andrei P.; Stone, P. H.; Forest, C. E.; Prinn, Ronald G.; Sarofim, Marcus C.; Webster, M.; Paltsev, S.; Schlosser, C. Adam; Kicklighter, David W.; Dutkiewicz, Stephanie; Reilly, John M.; Wang, C.; Felzer, Benjamin S.; Melillo, Jerry M.; Jacoby, H. D. (American Meteorological Society, 2010-04-15)
      Corrigendum: Sokolov, A., and Coauthors, 2009: Probabilistic forecast for twenty-first-century climate based on uncertainties in emissions (without policy) and climate parameters. J. Climate, 22, 5175–5204.
    • A fiber-optic phase-randomizer for microscope illumination by laser 

      Ellis, Gordon W. (Rockefeller University Press, 1979-11)
    • Genomic Standards Consortium projects 

      Field, Dawn; Sterk, Peter; Kottmann, Renzo; De Smet, Wim; Amaral-Zettler, Linda A.; Cochrane, Guy R.; James, Cole R.; Davies, Neil; Dawyndt, Peter; Garrity, George M.; Gilbert, Jack A.; Glockner, Frank Oliver; Hirschman, Lynette; Klenk, Hans-Peter; Knight, Rob; Kyrpides, Nikos C.; Meyer, Folker; Karsch-Mizrachi, Ilene; Morrison, Norman; Robbins, Robert J.; San Gil, Inigo; Sansone, Susanna-Assunta; Schriml, Lynn M.; Tatusova, Tatiana; Ussery, David W.; Yilmaz, Pelin; White, Owen; Wooley, John; Caporaso, Gregory (Genomic Standards Consortium, 2014)
      The Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC) is an open-membership community working towards the development, implementation and harmonization of standards in the field of genomics. The mission of the GSC is to improve digital ...
    • Grand challenges in biodiversity informatics 

      Sarkar, Indra Neil (2007-01)
      The exponentially growing array of biological data has necessitated the development of a new information management domain, biodiversity informatics. It is one of the newest members of the ‘informatics’ sub-disciplines, ...
    • GRIPseq data for S. Purpuratus 24 hpf 

      Tulin, Sarah; Barsi, Julius C.; Bocconcelli, Carlo; Smith, Joel (2015-01-19)
      This dataset is the result of a new method for identifying putative cis-regulatory elements genome wide, termed GRIPseq for Genome-wide Regulatory element Immunoprecipitation. Our protocol combines elements of chromatin ...
    • Information technology and libraries 

      Melillo, Jerry M. (IAMSLIC, 2000)
    • Introducing the JMBE themed issue on scientific citizenship 

      Gilbert, Jack A.; Klyczek, Karen K.; Elliott, Samantha L. (American Society for Microbiology, 2016-03)
      In this Editorial, the three Guest Editors for JMBE's first standalone themed issue introduce the topic of scientific citizenship and provide an overview of the current ideas and best practices contained within the issue.© ...
    • Is science as global as we think? 

      Wong, Bob B. M.; Kokko, Hanna (2005)
      A cornerstone of scientific practice is the perceived freedom with which knowledge is disseminated. But does the scientific community make good use of all that is available? Researchers have, on occasion, been accused of ...
    • MIxS-BE : a MIxS extension defining a minimum information standard for sequence data from the built environment 

      Glass, Elizabeth M.; Dribinsky, Yekaterina; Yilmaz, Pelin; Levin, Hal; Van Pelt, Robert; Wendel, Doug; Wilke, Andreas; Eisen, Jonathan A.; Huse, Susan M.; Shipanova, Anna; Sogin, Mitchell L.; Stajich, Jason; Knight, Rob; Meyer, Folker; Schriml, Lynn M. (Nature Publishing Group, 2013-10-24)
      The need for metadata standards for microbe sampling in the built environment.
    • Nematostella Embryonic Transcriptome 

      Tulin, Sarah; Aguiar, Derek; Istrail, Sorin; Smith, Joel (2012-12-12)
      RNA-Seq was performed on Nematostella Embryos at 5 timepoints during early development: 0hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs, 18hrs, 24hrs after fertilization. Embryos were harvested, lysed and mRNAs were selected using Dynabeads. Directional ...
    • Nematostella High-density RNAseq time-course 

      Fischer, Antje H. L.; Smith, Joel (2013-06-14)
      RNA-Seq was performed on Nematostella embryos at 20 timepoints: unfertilized eggs, 1hour post fertilization (hpf), 2hpf, 3hpf, 4hpf, 5hpf, 6hpf, 7hpf, 8hpf, 9hpf, 10hpf, 11hpf, 12hpf, 13hpf, 14hpf, 15hpf, 16hpf, 17hpf, ...
    • Nematostella vectensis BAC sequences 

      Fischer, Antje H. L.; Tulin, Sarah; Fredman, David; Smith, Joel (2013-07-11)
      A key tool for investigating the regulation of genes is represented by Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes-reporter constructs (BAC). BACs are large insert libraries, often >>100 kb, which thus capture the genomic sequences ...
    • Neural control of tuneable skin iridescence in squid 

      Wardill, Trevor J.; Gonzalez-Bellido, Paloma T.; Crook, Robyn J.; Hanlon, Roger T. (2012-07-25)
      Fast dynamic control of skin coloration is rare in the animal kingdom, whether it be pigmentary or structural. Iridescent structural coloration results when nanoscale structures disrupt incident light and selectively reflect ...
    • Optical recording from respiratory pattern generator of fetal mouse brainstem reveals a distributed network 

      Eugenin, Jaime; Nicholls, John G.; Cohen, Lawrence B.; Muller, Kenneth J. (2005-10-17)
      Unfailing respiration depends on neural mechanisms already present in mammals before birth. Experiments were made to determine how inspiratory and expiratory neurons are grouped in the brainstem of fetal mice. A further ...
    • Physiology and molecular biology of aquatic cyanobacteria 

      Bullerjahn, George S.; Post, Anton F. (Frontiers Media, 2014-07-14)
      Cyanobacteria thrive in every illuminated aquatic environment known, contributing at least 25% of primary productivity worldwide. Given their importance in carbon and nutrient cycles, cyanobacteria are essential geochemical ...
    • Proteins of the glycine decarboxylase complex in the Hydrogenosome of Trichomonas vaginalis 

      Mukherjee, Mandira; Brown, Mark T.; McArthur, Andrew G.; Johnson, Patricia J. (American Society for Microbiology, 2006-12)
      Trichomonas vaginalis is a unicellular eukaryote that lacks mitochondria and contains a specialized organelle, the hydrogenosome, involved in carbohydrate metabolism and iron-sulfur cluster assembly. We report the ...
    • Quantitative orientation-independent differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy coupled with orientation-independent Polarization microscopy 

      Shribak, Michael; LaFountain, James R.; Biggs, David; Inoue, Shinya (Cambridge University Press, 2007-08-05)
      Differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy is widely used to observe structure and motion in unstained, transparent living cells and isolated organelles, producing a monochromatic shadowcast image of optical ...