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The MBL offers advanced, graduate-level courses in embryology, physiology, neurobiology, microbiology, and parasitology for six to nine weeks each summer.

In addition, special topics courses provide intensive experience in specialized research techniques for one to six weeks throughout the year. Topics include informatics, genomics, imaging, reproduction, neurobiology, molecular biology, and molecular evolution.

Recent Submissions

  • Kamasaki, Tomoko; O’Toole, Eileen; Kita, Shigeo; Osumi, Masako; Usukura, Jiro; McIntosh, J. Richard; Goshima, Gohta (Rockefeller University Press, 2013-07-01)
    The formation of a functional spindle requires microtubule (MT) nucleation from within the spindle, which depends on augmin. How augmin contributes to MT formation and organization is not known because augmin-dependent MTs ...
  • Mitchison, Timothy J.; Nguyen, Phuong; Coughlin, Margaret; Groen, Aaron C. (American Society for Cell Biology, 2013-03-20)
    Previous study of self-organization of Taxol-stabilized microtubules into asters in Xenopus meiotic extracts revealed motor-dependent organizational mechanisms in the spindle. We revisit this approach using clarified cytosol ...
  • Belin, Brittany J.; Cimini, Beth A.; Blackburn, Elizabeth H.; Mullins, R. Dyche (American Society for Cell Biology, 2013-02-27)
    In addition to its long-studied presence in the cytoplasm, actin is also found in the nuclei of eukaryotic cells. The function and form (monomer, filament, or noncanonical oligomer) of nuclear actin are hotly debated, and ...
  • The, Lydia; Wallace, Michael L.; Chen, Christopher H.; Chorev, Edith; Brecht, Michael (Society for Neuroscience, 2013-03-13)
    Although the neurobiology of rodent facial whiskers has been studied intensively, little is known about sensing in other vibrissae. Here we describe the under-investigated submandibular “whisker trident” on the rat's chin. ...
  • Li, Wenjing; Moriwaki, Takashi; Tani, Tomomi; Watanabe, Takashi; Kaibuchi, Kozo; Goshima, Gohta (Rockefeller University Press, 2012-11-26)
    Dynamic microtubules (MTs) are essential for various intracellular events, such as mitosis. In Drosophila melanogaster S2 cells, three MT tip-localizing proteins, Msps/XMAP215, EB1, and Sentin (an EB1 cargo protein), have ...