Our Waters, Our Life. The Role of National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) Library in the Collection, Storage and Dissemination of Environmental Information for the Conservation of Lake Victoria in Uganda

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Wamala Dorcus Mutongole, Eva
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Lake Victoria, Uganda, conservation, libraries, environmental management.
Uganda is located in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. With a total area of 241,550.7 km2, open water covers 36,527.4 km2 (15.3%), wetlands 4,500 km2 (1.9%) and land 200,523.2 km2 (83%). Uganda’s water resources have large storage capacity in lakes and rivers some of which include Lakes Victoria, Kyoga, Albert, George and, Edward and rivers include The Nile, Semliki, Kafu, among others. For centuries, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) along the lake shores, riverbanks and wetlands have been engaged in conservation activities to conserve these resources. However, recent developments have led to environmental degradation along the shores. The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has since its inception in 1995 been promoting sound environmental management for sustainable development through collection, processing, storing and disseminating environment information to the public, with particular attention on the protection, conservation and management of lake shores and riverbanks, especially in the Lake Victoria region. NEMA Librarians and other staff have been engaged in baseline surveys, reconnaissance visits, community meetings, and transect walks among other activities to collect information and develop educational materials. Collaborative efforts to improve community livelihoods are emphasized. Monitoring progress is done through media platforms, assessment meetings and observation visits to ensure improved service delivery and identifying gaps in information dissemination.
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