Alvin operators manual

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Shumaker, Lawrence A.
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The safe operation of the Deep Submergence Research vehicle ALVIN requires a great deal of planning and a high level of competence on the part of all persons concerned with the operation. In particular however it requires that the pilots have a thorough knowledge of the vehicle and the operating procedures which have been developed over a long period of varying types of operations. The primary purpose of an Operator's manual is to provide a framework around which pilots may build their knowledge and skills in such a fashion that everyone will know, at least ina general way, how the pilot will react to operational situations and to casualties. This allows the Surface Controller as well as the rest of the support crew to render a maximum of assistance with a minimum of communications and confusion. It must be understood however that under any given circumstance the pilot at the time is the only one who can assess the specific requirements for safe operation and decide on a course of action. in this sense the procedures in this Manual are meant to serve only as guidelines and the pilot is expected to utilize judgement and initiative in the operation of the DSRV.
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