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dc.creatorHamburger, Viktor
dc.description13 black and white photographs of different stages of chick limb bud development. The limb buds have been removed from the embryo and are placed on a black background. Stages 23 through 35 are pictured. Wing buds are pictured on top, leg buds on the bottom.
dc.descriptionThese photos were used for the images in Hamburger, Viktor, and Howard L. Hamilton. "A series of normal stages in the development of the chick embryo." Journal of morphology 88, no. 1 (1951): 49-92. However, in the final publication, the photos of limb buds were placed beneath photos of the whole chick embryo at their given stage.
dc.relation.ispartofMBL Archives Hamburger Collection
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International
dc.sourceMBL Archives Hamburger Collection, Box 6, Folder 21
dc.titleLimb bud development in chicks, stages 23 through 35
dc.typeStill Image
dc.publisher.digitalArizona Board of Regents
dc.publisher.digitalMarine Biological Laboratory Archives
dc.subject.mblhistoryNotes & Data

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Attribution 4.0 International
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