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dc.creatorGraham, Bill
dc.descriptionPoems written by Bill Graham and inspired by the 1982 Neurobiology course. Graham includes a message to the course participants and instructors, followed by 11 poems in the following order: "Nightdream" created on June 29, 1982, "Steaming Again" created on July 14, 1982, "Aurora Borealis" created on July 14, 1982, "Odds on Favorite" created on July 29, 1982, "Pinta" created on August 3, 1982, "Free" created on August 5, 1982, "What?" created on August 9, 1982, "Galaxy of Structures" created on August 11, 1982, "Ten Hut" created on August 16, 1982, an untitled poem created on August 23, 1982, and "The Notion" created on August 23, 1982.
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International
dc.titlePoems from Neurobiology Course in 1982
dc.typeStill Image
dc.rights.licenseProperty of Bill Graham
dc.publisher.digitalArizona Board of Regents
dc.publisher.digitalMarine Biological Laboratory Archives
dc.subject.mblhistoryMBL Courses

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Attribution 4.0 International
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