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    • Calcium-independent, cGMP-mediated light adaptation in invertebrate ciliary photoreceptors 

      Gomez, Maria del Pilar; Nasi, Enrico (Society for Neuroscience, 2005-02-23)
      Calcium is thought to be essential for adaptation of sensory receptor cells. However, the transduction cascade of hyperpolarizing, ciliary photoreceptors of the scallop does not use IP3-mediated Ca release, and the ...
    • A non-invasive method for measuring preimplantation embryo physiology 

      Trimarchi, James R.; Liu, Lin; Porterfield, D. Marshall; Smith, Peter J. S.; Keefe, David L. (Cambridge University Press, 2000-02)
      The physiology of the early embryo may be indicative of embryo vitality and therefore methods for non-invasively monitoring physiological parameters from embryos could improve preimplantation diagnoses. The self-referencing ...