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Audio Recordings


These audio clips were recorded by hydrophones enclosed in a DTAG. During these recordings, the DTAG was usually attached to the back of a whale with suction cups. Occasionally recordings were taken with DTAGs suspended at depth. If this was the case it will be noted in the ‘abstract’ field of the metadata. Audio sampling rate and filter details are also specified in the metadata. If not otherwise indicated, sounds in the recording are primarily those of the tagged whale. Sometimes other animals’ vocalizations can be heard, as well as human noises such as boat engines.

Recent Submissions

  • Johnson, Mark P. (The DTAG Project, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Contact: dtag@whoi.edu, 2007-07-09)
    Recording of untagged beaked whales made by a DTAG floating at depth. Excellent quality recording at start, poor at end. Location: Liguria, Italy, Species: Ziphius cavirostris (Cuvier's Beaked Whale), Permit: NMFS 981-1707-00 ...

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