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      Academic libraries, conservation and restoration, emergency management, library materials, Philippines, typhoon Yolanda, typhoons [1]
      Aquaculture, fisheries, information centers, libraries, Bangladesh, fisheries in Bangladesh [1]
      Aquatic libraries, collaboration, e-repositories, CEEMaR, Russia, Ukraine [1]
      Bioluminescence, aquatic science, libraries, collaboration [1]
      Collaboration, libraries. [1]
      collective intelligence, innovation, academic libraries, collaboration [1]
      Communication, authorship, writing, publishing, scientific journals, copyright, open access, public domain [1]
      community outreach, marine education EPA, crustaceans, oil spill, Deepwater Horizon, Mississippi [1]
      data citation, GIS, geographic information systems, geospatial data, spatial data, marine, aquatic [1]
      Data citation, GIS, geographic information systems, geospatial data, spatial data, marine, aquatic, publishers & publishing, authors & publishers, data literacy. [1]
      Data management, Pacific Islands, libraries [1]
      Deep-sea ecology, video description, ocean engineering, viewing underwater [1]
      Digital curation, data publication, open data, linked data, freshwater biology, environmental science [1]
      Digital preservation, storage, historical fisheries information, Uganda, libraries [1]
      Digitization, digital repository, Malawiana, aquaculture and fisheries information, Aquatic Commons [1]
      Disaster planning, disaster recovery [1]
      Distance learning, embedded librarian, Micronesia, MLIS, mentoring, multicultural students, online courses, library education, multiculturalism [1]
      embedded librarian, distance education, marine science [1]
      embedded librarian, oil spill, environmental consulting, Deepwater Horizon, competitive intelligence [1]
      Fisheries, fishery resources, Solomon Islands, Pacific, libraries. [1]