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  • Flow convergence caused by a salinity minimum in a tidal channel 

    Warner, John C.; Schoellhamer, David H.; Burau, Jon R.; Schladow, S. Geoffrey (CALFED Science Program, the California Digital Library eScholarship Repository, and the University of California—Davis John Muir Institute of the Environment., 2006-12)
    Residence times of dissolved substances and sedimentation rates in tidal channels are affected by residual (tidally averaged) circulation patterns. One influence on these circulation patterns is the longitudinal density ...
  • Near-bottom circulation and dispersion of sediment containing Alexandrium fundyense cysts in the Gulf of Maine during 2010–2011 

    Aretxabaleta, Alfredo L.; Butman, Bradford; Signell, Richard P.; Dalyander, P. Soupy; Sherwood, Christopher R.; Sheremet, Vitalii A.; McGillicuddy, Dennis J. (Elsevier, 2013-12-13)
    The life cycle of Alexandrium fundyense in the Gulf of Maine includes a dormant cyst stage that spends the winter predominantly in the bottom sediment. Wave-current bottom stress caused by storms and tides induces resuspension ...