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    • Geologic controls on the recent evolution of oyster reefs in Apalachicola Bay and St. George Sound, Florida 

      Twichell, David C.; Edmiston, L.; Andrews, Brian D.; Stevenson, W.; Donoghue, J.; Poore, R.; Osterman, Lisa E. (Elsevier B.V., 2010-05-10)
      Apalachicola Bay and St. George Sound contain the largest oyster fishery in Florida, and the growth and distribution of the numerous oyster reefs here are the combined product of modern estuarine conditions in the bay and ...
    • Holocene evolution of Apalachicola Bay, Florida 

      Osterman, Lisa E.; Twichell, David C.; Poore, Richard Z. (Springer, 2009-09-16)
      A program of geophysical mapping and vibracoring was conducted to better understand the geologic evolution of Apalachicola Bay. Analyses of the geophysical data and sediment cores along with age control provided by 34 AMS ...