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  • Ganju, Neil K.; Schoellhamer, David H. (Springer, 2009-12-19)
    Future estuarine geomorphic change, in response to climate change, sea-level rise, and watershed sediment supply, may govern ecological function, navigation, and water quality. We estimated geomorphic changes in Suisun ...
  • Ganju, Neil K.; Jaffe, Bruce E.; Schoellhamer, David H. (Elsevier B.V., 2011-04-15)
    Simulations of estuarine bathymetric change over decadal timescales require methods for idealization and reduction of forcing data and boundary conditions. Continuous simulations are hampered by computational and data ...
  • Warner, John C.; Schoellhamer, David H.; Burau, Jon R.; Schladow, S. Geoffrey (CALFED Science Program, the California Digital Library eScholarship Repository, and the University of California—Davis John Muir Institute of the Environment., 2006-12)
    Residence times of dissolved substances and sedimentation rates in tidal channels are affected by residual (tidally averaged) circulation patterns. One influence on these circulation patterns is the longitudinal density ...
  • Ganju, Neil K.; Schoellhamer, David H.; Jaffe, Bruce E. (American Geophysical Union, 2009-12-02)
    Hindcasting decadal-timescale bathymetric change in estuaries is prone to error due to limited data for initial conditions, boundary forcing, and calibration; computational limitations further hinder efforts. We developed ...
  • Bergamaschi, Brian A.; Fleck, Jacob A.; Downing, Bryan D.; Boss, Emmanuel S.; Pellerin, Brian A.; Ganju, Neil K.; Schoellhamer, David H.; Byington, Amy A.; Heim, Wesley A.; Stephenson, Mark; Fujii, Roger (Springer, 2012-04-03)
    We used high-resolution in situ measurements of turbidity and fluorescent dissolved organic matter (FDOM) to quantitatively estimate the tidally driven exchange of mercury (Hg) between the waters of the San Francisco estuary ...

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