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    • Hydro-bio-geomechanical properties of hydrate-bearing sediments from Nankai Trough 

      Santamarina, J. Carlos; Dai, Sheng; Terzariol, Marco; Jang, J.; Waite, William F.; Winters, William J.; Nagao, Jiro; Yoneda, Jun; Konno, Yoshihiro; Fujii, Tetsuya; Suzuki, K. (Elsevier, 2015-03-01)
      Natural hydrate-bearing sediments from the Nankai Trough, offshore Japan, were studied using the Pressure Core Characterization Tools (PCCTs) to obtain geomechanical, hydrological, electrical, and biological properties ...
    • Physical properties of hydrate-bearing sediments 

      Waite, William F.; Santamarina, J. Carlos; Cortes, Douglas D.; Dugan, Brandon; Espinoza, D. N.; Germaine, J.; Jang, J.; Jung, J. W.; Kneafsey, Timothy J.; Shin, H.; Soga, K.; Winters, William J.; Yun, T.-S. (American Geophysical Union, 2009-12-31)
      Methane gas hydrates, crystalline inclusion compounds formed from methane and water, are found in marine continental margin and permafrost sediments worldwide. This article reviews the current understanding of phenomena ...