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    • Heterotrophic respiration in disturbed forests : a review with examples from North America 

      Harmon, Mark E.; Bond-Lamberty, Ben; Tang, Jianwu; Vargas, Rodrigo (American Geophysical Union, 2011-05-14)
      Heterotrophic respiration (RH) is a major process releasing carbon to the atmosphere and is essential to understanding carbon dynamics in terrestrial ecosystems. Here we review what is known about this flux as related to ...
    • Looking deeper into the soil : biophysical controls and seasonal lags of soil CO2 production and efflux 

      Vargas, Rodrigo; Baldocchi, Dennis D.; Allen, Michael F.; Bahn, Michael; Black, T. Andrew; Collins, Scott L.; Yuste, Jorge Curiel; Hirano, Takashi; Jassal, Rachhpal S.; Pumpanen, Jukka; Tang, Jianwu (Ecological Society of America, 2010-09)
      We seek to understand how biophysical factors such as soil temperature (Ts), soil moisture (θ), and gross primary production (GPP) influence CO2 fluxes across terrestrial ecosystems. Recent advancements in automated ...
    • Simulating the impacts of disturbances on forest carbon cycling in North America : processes, data, models, and challenges 

      Liu, Shuguang; Bond-Lamberty, Ben; Hicke, Jeffrey A.; Vargas, Rodrigo; Zhao, Shuqing; Chen, Jing; Edburg, Steven L.; Hu, Yueming; Liu, Jinxun; McGuire, A. David; Xiao, Jingfeng; Keane, Robert; Yuan, Wenping; Tang, Jianwu; Luo, Yiqi; Potter, Christopher; Oeding, Jennifer (American Geophysical Union, 2011-11-08)
      Forest disturbances greatly alter the carbon cycle at various spatial and temporal scales. It is critical to understand disturbance regimes and their impacts to better quantify regional and global carbon dynamics. This ...