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  • Sitch, Stephen; McGuire, A. David; Kimball, John S.; Gedney, Nicola; Gamon, John; Engstrom, Ryan; Wolf, Annett; Zhuang, Qianlai; Clein, Joy S.; McDonald, Kyle C. (Ecological Society of America, 2007-01)
    This paper reviews the current status of using remote sensing and process-based modeling approaches to assess the contemporary and future circumpolar carbon balance of Arctic tundra, including the exchange of both carbon ...
  • Rocha, Adrian V.; Shaver, Gaius R. (Ecological Society of America, 2011-03)
    Burned landscapes present several challenges to quantifying landscape carbon balance. Fire scars are composed of a mosaic of patches that differ in burn severity, which may influence postfire carbon budgets through damage ...
  • Shaver, Gaius R.; Giblin, Anne E.; Nadelhoffer, Knute J.; Thieler, K. K.; Downs, M. R.; Laundre, J. A.; Rastetter, Edward B. (2006-02-15)
    Soils of tundra and boreal ecosystems contain large organic matter stocks, typically as a layer of peat that blankets the underlying mineral soil. Despite the low productivity of northern vegetation, organic matter accumulates ...
  • Barrett, Kirsten; Rocha, Adrian V.; van de Weg, Martine J.; Shaver, Gaius R. (2012-01-27)
    With anticipated climate change, tundra fires are expected to occur more frequently in the future, but data on the longer term effects of fire on tundra vegetation composition are scarce. This study therefore addresses ...

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